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Mar 3, 2014
wedding party dresses online chip cookie recipe

Chocolate wedding party dresses online chip cookie recipe Unsure what to make of these cookies.I followed the recipe except that i did not use wholewheat flour and that my brown sugar was golden.They have a very different taste and texture than regular cookies.I don find that i taste the cc except maybe as an after taste.I find they aren sweet enough for me.The cookie is very soft and chewy however its a different kind of chewy, almost like the cookie was made entirely with wholewheat flour.I recommend trying these cookies, they seem a lot healthier and they may end up being your favorite.I will also mention i made my cookies bigger than suggested.I rolled into 1 balls and was able to fit 9 on a sheet with lots of space in between.I baked for 7 min, flattened, baked for 6 more min.I let them cool on sheet for 2 min, transferred to rack, cooled 2 min, put in air tight container and let them completely cool in there.Resulted in perfectly chewy cookies that stayed that way until all gone.I ended up with 24 perfect sized cookies. These were pretty awesome!Much better than the toll house recipe, which is so overdone.This unique combination of ingredients impacts mostly the texture, while the taste is just right, not too outlandish.At first, i didn understand why it said to flatten the cookies, eveninges but they rise quite a bit, trapping in air, so the flattening really does help.I used only regular flour(All i had, but did stick with egg yolks.Also, it says 1 package(6 oz of chips, but the bags I buy are 12 oz bags, so make sure to watch out for that.

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